Shop is open

20.November 2011

Finally the shop has opened its doors. Unfortunately the software doesn't support any other languages than Finnish. But lets not think that as a barrier.

If you are interested to order, please, don't hesitate to contact me. Im working on to make Paypal-option to work very soon, that'll make ordering/paying a bit more easier for non-finnish-speakers.

There is social-media-buttons on the bottom of this page. If you can follow me in Twitter and push Sirnas "Like"-button for Facebook.

Not snow here yet, but maybe soon, very soon ;)



Hi and welcome !

Sirna has finally arrived to the web, after a busy autumn. Page is still finding its final form, and in one-two weeks the webshop finally opens as well.

There is coming up at least pendants, rings and brooches -not forgetting any earrings either. "Pisara" ('Drop')- and "Apila" ('Clover') -series are great choises when thinking about Christmas-presents 2011.

And you can always come and visit the workshop, which is located in a former School of hands and crafts.

Stay tuned.

Lots of stuff comin up very soon :)